Meet your personal concierge

Andie is a real-time concierge, and an on-demand business assistant
- even when it is not business as usual.

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Real-time personal

Andie is the leading provider of real-time information about your essential needs and services.

Wait times, curbside, & in-store

On-demand executive

Andie is an executive assistant for busy people, that works and interacts like a human personal secretary.

I need an executive assistant


Get wait times and lineup info for over 80,000 locations across Canada.

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Order and pickup items from local stores.
(Coming June 2020)

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VIP In-store

Book a time to shop safely at your favourite stores.(Coming July 2020)

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Enjoyable shopping experience
for your customers

Use Andie's store management tools make store visits and interactions quick, smooth, and enjoyable for your customers.

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An executive assistant
built to make your life easier

Choose your work

Andie lets you choose the tasks that you want to do, and does the rest.

Get more done

With Andie you increase their individual or team productivity by 2-3x.

3.5hrs of free time

Andie gives you up to 3.5 hours of "free time" daily to spend as you wish.

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