Our belief

Having real-time information when you need it is essential to living a comfortable, safe, and productive life in today's environment.

Our goal

We have built a platform that is an app in your pockets or on your desktop, that tells you what is happening anywhere at that moment.

The history of andie.

  • How we started: In 2019, we started with a dream to build a personal concierge that you could turn to for real-time information throughout your day.
  • Tackling real-time information: At the heart of our dream to build your concierge, is doing the first thing concierges do best i.e. get you the latest and accurate information.

    That is why we started with a simple web app that could tell you current wait times and lineups at groceries, pharmacies, and liquor stores.
  • No. 1 wait-time app in US & Canada: Andie is now the leading web and mobile platform for real-time information about what is happening anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Our products

We are building a collection of products you can
use multiple times everyday.

Andie no.1 in North America for wait times, lineups, and capacity information from over 80,000 places.

The Andie app

Andie is no.1 in North America for wait times, lineups, and capacity information from over 200,000 places.

Andie helps brick-and-mortal businesses manage customer traffic, health & safety practices, and service times.

The Dashboard

The dashboard helps brick-and-mortal businesses manage how people come into their locations.

The Executive Assistant

We are developing a voice and text concierge that thinks and acts like a real-life executive assistant.

Caring for each other

The safety of the Andie community is always our priority.

Wait in less lines

Andie is providing wait times in real-time to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Avoid crowds

Andie remains committed to helping you avoid crowds.

Go where its safe

Andie is tracking safety measures that have been taken at the places you want to visit.

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Data Releases

Follow Andie's data releases for the latest data about wait-times and critical brick-and-mortar information.

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The Andie wait time app lets you access the latest features to wait time services.

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