General Questions

Andie is a technology platform that gives you to get the latest information such as wait time, lineups, capacity, service speed and checkout time from a place.

The information provided by Andie are delivered to you through our mobile apps, which are available on any Android or iPhone smartphone.

Anytime you need information from Andie, simply tap the Andie app icon on your phone, and scroll to the "Essentials" screen. There you will find the available categories of places that you can search on Andie. Click on the desired category, and a list of places in that category will be immediately with all the relevant real-time information.

You cn also visit other tabs on the Andie app to book a time to go into a store or place without waiting in line, schedule curbside pickup and delivery, and instantly access or enter a place with a VIP guestpass.
You can download Andie from the Apple app store and Google Play by searching "Andie".
Andie is available for download and use anytime and any where across Canada and the United States.

Andie is available across every city, town, county, province, or state in Canada and the United States of America.
Yes, your Andie web account can be used to log into the mobile app. Simply enter the username and password you created on the Andie web app to log into the app on your phone.
Yes. You can search for information up to 5 times without signing up for Andie. Once, you've used up your 5 free searches, you'll be asked to create an account on Andie to enjoy more functionality and unlimited searches.


The Andie app is free to download and use.

Updating your Andie app

Go to your app store, search for "Andie", and click the update button.

You can also go into your app store's settings and enable auto-download to ensure that your phone automatically downloads the latest updates from Andie.
Yes, you will receive push notifications and emails from Andie notifying you that we have made additions to the Andie app.

Please ensure that you are not unsubscribed from our mailing list to receive emails, and make sure that you smartphone is enabled to receive push notifications.

New user questions

1. Log into the Andie app with the username and password you created.

2. Press the Essentials button at the bottom of the app to scroll to the Essentials tab.

3. When you get to the Essentials section, click any button on the Home Tab or Categories section e.g. "groceries", or "patios", to view the wait times in that category.
Andie has less than 2% error reporting rate.

We also track every variable that influences wait time results in real time to ensure that you get the most accurate results.
Yes you can save favourite places on Andie so that you can easily access them anytime.

Tap the "heart" icon on any place to save it. You can view your favourite places in the Favourite tab on the Essentials screen.
No Andie does not track you.
Andie gives you relevant information for each category. While grocery stores have wait times, places like beaches or parks do not.

Sign in, sign up, or access issues

1. Please check that you are entering the correct username and password on your Andie wait time app sign-in screen.

2. If you have the correct username and password but you are getting a 500 error, it means you are accessing Andie during a server update. Wait a few minutes and you'll be able to log into Andie again.

Please email our Support team and one of our associates will help you retrieve your account information.
Press "forgot password" on the sign-in screen of the Andie wait time app, and you will be directed to the Password reset site for further instructions on how to change your password.

If you experience any difficulties with resetting your password, please email our Support team and one of our associates will help you further.
Yes, you can use your username and password to sign in from your phone and tablet.

Please do not share your Andie account with someone else or allow them to sign into it from their device.

Account Settings

Yes, you can change your default postal or zip code on Andie. Once you do so, Andie will automatically change your city, and country (if needed) as well.
No, your username is a unique identifier for your Andie account, so you cannot change it.
We advise that you keep push and email notifications on at all times. However, if you want to stop receiving email and phone notifications from Andie, you can disable push and email notifications.
Your Andie wait time app account is meant to be used by one person only. While you can log in from multiple devices, you cannot share your Andie account with someone else or allow them to sign into it from their device.