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No matter your industry...

We have a digital solution to help your customers order online, and pickup in person. With Curbit, you’ll get more orders, and provide a great customer experience.

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Andie wait time delivers information to you in real time

Let customers choose when they come.

Andie wait time gives you information based on where you are currently

Allow new customers to discover you.

Andie gives you wait time directly on your phone.

Go digital with online and web ordering.


Households using Andie curbit app.


Weekly customer visits per store.


Potential revenue increase.

Let us keep our communities safe together

The health and safety of the Andie community is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID‑19) situation, and taking steps to help keep you and your customers safe.

How Curbit works

Log into your Andie business account. Upload your inventory by adding items individually, or by uploading a csv file of all the items you sell.

From the Andie app, your customers can select the item(s) they want, their preferred pickup time. You can confirm their order from the dashboard.

When customers arrive, they will notify you from the Andie app. Meet them with their order, and a POS for safe payment.

Run your business safely with Andie Curbit

Features built for you.

We offer a simple platform to help you get up and running fast. Start receiving mobile orders in just 10 minutes.

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Andie is the no.1 waittime app for provide wait times and lineups to your customers
Business dashboard

The Andie dashboard lets you manage your orders from a tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Andie gives you an opportunity to see the data how your store traffic and wait times are
Your own mobile app

Andie is your own mobile app. Start telling your customers they can now order from you on mobile.

Andie gives you n instant service to manage your inventory in real-time
Inventory management

Andie gives you a simple-to-use system that informs you when you're running low.

In good company

During the pandemic, Andie's wait times have helped these businesses serve their customers.

Andie is helping businesses reopen

Use Andie to safely keep your business going.

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