All the tools you need to run
your physical business

in one place.

Manage customer traffic

Whether it is maintaining safety or minimizing wait times, Andie lets you manage customer traffic efficiently.

Offer flexible pickups

From curbside to priority pickups, Andie helps provide your customers flexible choices for picking up their orders from your store.

Use your time better

Writing orders or inventory on paper? Scheduling pickups over the phone? Andie does the tasks that take up your time.

Track Inventory Easily

Andie gives you an inventory and order management tool that is simpler than writing things down on paper.

Customer Service

Using Andie, you can smoothly communicate with customers, and speed up wait times and service delivery.

Monitor business performance

Regardless of if you are a store or service provider, you can use Andie to easily track how your business is doing.

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Run your store
- like a digital business

Are you a new business? Or a neighbourhood fixture? Andie gives you the technology to digitize the unique in-store experiences your store is known for.

Enhance your customer service
Ditch pen and paper practices

Take your small chain
to the next level

As a small chain with a few locations, Andie incorporates technology into how you deal with customers at each location - without requiring you to invest heavily in technology.

Compete with bigger chains technologically
Implement advanced data analytics

Technology to maintain
your market dominance

As a brand with multiple locations, Andie keeps you ahead of competitors with the technology that ensures that customers can smoothly come in and out of your stores.

Digitize customer interactions
Create branded storefronts

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