Change how customers enter your business

Provide a quick & painless digital check-in process that your visitors will love.

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Know who is coming in and out of your business

No matter your business, GuestPass is the fastest way to know who has visited your business.


Hosting a large event or gathering? Record attendance digitally.


Track on-site guest and employee activities for inspectors in your indsutry.

Contact Tracing

Digitally store guest and employee information for contact tracing purposes.


Instantly turn past customers and visitors into your marketing audience.

Trusted by businesses like yours.

Trust GuestPass with your digital check-ins and guest management.

Remarkably flexible and easy to manage.

GuestPass packs the power of a robust guest management system into a simple platform you can operate.

QR code system

Digitize your check-in experience with a simple QR Code.


Access your guestlist, or print QR code posters directly from your dashboard.


Send texts, emails, or notifications directly to your past visitors.


Real-time reports designed to make your foot traffic numbers easy to understand.

Protecting our communities
together during Covid-19.

Across many sectors, GuestPass is helping businesses re-open safely and protect customers and employees.

  • Touchless and secure check-ins
  • Rapid digital contact tracing

Designed for businesses


Open restaurants are safely collecting contact tracing information with GuestPass.


Offices are using GuestPass to digitally check-in employees and visitors.

Retail stores

Retailers are staying in touch and sending updates to past visitors with GuestPass.

Service businesses

Service businesses are using GuestPass to comply with local re-opening regulations.


Event planners are planning their check-in and contact tracing with GuestPass.


Sports leagues are using GuestPass to safely welcome back guests and participants.


Dealerships and mechanics are using GuestPass to simplify their contact tracing.


Private practices are safely recording and storing health waivers with GuestPass.

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Delight your customers.

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