A different approach to
customer service.

Andie makes it easier and faster to serve your customers, and deliver experiences customers will not forget.

Provide live information

Before arriving at your location, your customers can use Andie to do things like:

  • Check your current wait times or capacity
  • Join a virtual queue and get notified when it's their turn
  • Get updates about what's happening at your business now
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Real-time wait time estimates.
Customer access from web or mobile.
Live customer interactions.
Traffic control dashboard.

Pre-order and pre-pay

No ecommerce website? No problem. Use Andie to let your customers do things like:

  • Shop online and pick up in-store
  • Order and pre-pay for curbside pickup or takeout
  • Book and pre-pay for services
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Convenient pickup scheduling.
Live inventory management.
Mobile, tablet, and web storefront.
Notify and interact with customers.

Digital & touchless entries

When customers arrive at your location, Andie let’s them use their phone to do things like:

  • Check in quickly and easily
  • Complete a COVID-19 screening form
  • Get a promo code or opt-in for marketing
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Simple QR code check-in system.
Accessible from any device.
Integrated health questionnaires.
Cloud-based guestlist.

No coding. No complex set up.

Andie is built for small business owners, not developers. No complicated technology, no costly websites. Set up your Andie account in minutes and start delighting your customers today.

Give your customers what they want.

The world has changed. Customers want (and expect) to interact with you digitally.

Andie removes stress and friction, while improving speed and quality of service, so your customers will love doing business with you.

New customer leads
Direct marketing
Referral campaigns
Loyalty programs

Gain valuable data & insights.

Before Andie, it was difficult for brick & mortar businesses to unlock insights, like:

How much foot traffic are you getting?
When are your actual busiest times?
Who are your repeat visitors?

With Andie, you’ll finally be able to make data-driven decisions – just like online stores do.

Built for


Medical offices

Medical offices are managing patient check-ins, walk-ins, and wait room capacity with Andie.

Restaurants & bars

Andie restaurants are welcoming guests, and creating new and waitlist experiences for customers.

Retail stores

Retail stores are letting customers pre-order for in-store or curbside pickups directly.

Service businesses

Andie helps service businesses interact and digitally manage each appointment with a customer.


Realtors are using Andie to manage signups and check-ins at real estate showings.

Live Events

From festivals to live performances, Andie helps manage check-ins, waitlists, or event concessions.


Recreational centers are using Andie to helping manage foot traffic and deliver activities.

Stay ahead of your competition.
Delight your customers.

Try Andie today.

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