Change how customers
wait at your business

Provide info about what's happening at your business right now.


Customer visits through Andie Ticker

Wait time

Uses AI to provide your guests with live wait time estimates.

Current Capacity

Shows how many people are at your location right now, and when it's at max capacity.

Alternate times

Suggests ideal times to come to avoid long waits and added frustration.

Virtual lineups

Lets customers join a virtual line from home, and be notified when their turn is coming up.

Respect your customers' time.

Give customers the information they need before they come to your business. Improve customer experience and eliminate frustrations.

Unlock fresh insights about your business.

Use wait time requests to help you understand demand for your products or services.

Turn customers who join your virtual queue or view your wait times into marketing audiences.

Improve your efficiency.

By encouraging customers to come at ideal times, you’ll avoid rush hours and lost business. Plan better for busy periods and ensure smooth customer turnover.

Designed for businesses like yours.

Track potential demand, manage waitlists and gain live streaming abilities.

Eliminate long line ups and frustrating wait times outside your store location.

Manage potential walk-ins or customer turnover during appointments.

Control capacity at waiting rooms, and provide efficient walk-in services.

Andie finds the shortest line-up wait times at your grocery stores, pharmacies, medical clinics, and more.

Prabmeet Sarkaria
Minister of Small Business, Province of Ontario.

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