Get 3hrs of your day back

As your executive assistant, Andie saves you up to 3.5hrs daily
by letting you choose what you want to do.

Built for busy people.

Andie is an executive assistant built to help busy people work and do more everyday.

Time Freedom.

Time is a valuable commodity to you - Andie allows you to choose how you spend your time.

Available 24/7.

Whether you're working on a spreadsheet at 12am or 3pm, Andie is available to help.

Using an executive assistant
in your everyday life

Spend less time replying to emails, reviewing documents, or managing
adminstrative tasks. Leave those tasks to your co-pilot.

Choose your tasks

Andie does the things you don't have time to do (or don't want to do).

Reliable Co-pilot

Andie works like a human executive assistant, so the results are similar to using a human assistant.

Voice, text, mobile, or desktop

Andie is a voice and text conversation assistant available to you from a mobile or desktop device.

What does Andie do?

Email communication ninja

Andie can summarize incoming emails, draft replies for you, and communicate back-and-forth with people on your behalf.

Your time manager

From processing meeting requests, to sending out conference call links, or planning meetings, Andie does it all.

See Andie in action

Please note that due to Covid-19 crisis, the Andie public beta program will begin in the Fall. We will release more information this summer.

Stay Safe!

The Andie team

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