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Andie wait times and lineup information help you decide where and when to go anywhere.

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Let Andie help you deliver quick services, reduce customer waits, and safely open your business.

Introducing GuestPass

GuestPass is an automated, and touchless business contact-tracing system to keep customers, vistiors, and staff.

Andie's wait time app is the leading wait time provider in North America.

Get real-time wait time, lineup, and capacity information from over 1,000,000 places delivered to your mobile phone.

Meet the Andie wait time app

Andie's wait time app has been featured on:

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During these difficult times, our goal is to keep people safe and help businesses re-open and stay open.

The tools you need to run your business right now.

The Andie platform is built to help you safely bring in clients and customers into your business locations, and offer convenient services like wait time updates and mobile ordering.

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